“DJ Aryan is an amazing combination of technical skill and artistic talent, add to that a wide array of genre specialties and artists collaborations, he is truly an ace of the industry.”

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DJ Aryan got his first experience with the turntables at the age of 11. Thru his older brother, he started experimenting scratching and beatmatching with a really cheap direct drive decks and mixer setup. Got his first ever gig in his elementary school graduation. Buying records was really difficult for him and his older brother making them save up their daily allowances and setting a goal of getting at least 2 new records each month striving to update their small vinyl collection.

In his college days, he took deejaying for a break and started getting into another hobby, an alternative rock band. His brother as the drummer and him as the guitarist and frontman together with their 2 close friends. Then he became the drummer for his college band. As his exposure on the rockband scene in their school grew, he met a really talented band doing gigs around the metro and asked him to get on board as their DJ/turntablist ala-Incubus. As a band DJ and being exposed to bars and clubs, he saw the potential of getting back to what he was doing before, a real DJ who plays Hiphop.

After leaving the band in 2001, Aryan got his first club gig thru a good friend with a fee just enough for him to gas up his car on his way home. He got regular gigs in the Quezon City area while balancing his time reviewing for his Civil Engineering Board Exam. DJ Steve Mills from Toronto who’s based in Manila that time discovered him on an event that Aryan opened for him. That started his career with Flavastreet Entertainment and now called VIBE Entertainment, an events production company that has been doing parties around Manila since 1997.

With over 9 years of club experience, DJ ARYAN is considered as one of the pioneer DJs in the Philippine night life industry.

Having a professional attitude in continous DJ research and an extraordinary ability to keep the dance floor rocking, DJ ARYAN gives any club or event a diverse and distinctive edge in its music atmosphere, vibe and energy.

Aside from having weekly residencies in the best nightspots in Manila such as Pravda, Wasabi, Absinth, Fiamma, Club V, Ascend, Dolce and other happening places, he also gets regular Philippine tours bringing the real party to the world class beach of Boracay Island, and other major cities like Bacolod, Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro.

DJ Aryan has been doing mixtapes for his supporters thru giveaways or online downloads thru He also does music production and remixes for local artists.

Key highlights of his career are rocking yearly gigs in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and playing alongside international acts like the Triple Threat DJs: APOLLO, VINROC and SHORTKUT. He also opened for LEROY THORNHILL of the English electronic dance group PRODIGY, Australia’s number 1 DJ Nino Brown, and Hollywood A-list DJ and frontman of the American pop-punk band Good Charlotte, JOEL MADDEN and a lot more.

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