Old School Video Quick Mix

May 13, 2011. It was a Friday and we were in FORMO CEBU. We were expecting a steady night from the looks of things. And then…BOOM. NIX DAMN P and DJ ARYAN was rocking the crowd with old school soul and hiphop. The FORMO crowd was definitely appreciative and knew their music well!

This FORMO inspired Video Mix by DJ ARYAN is a big thank you to FORMO CEBU for welcoming us with open arms, hearts, and ears. Hopefully, this will remind you of that epic night! For those who weren’t there, this will give you a small glimpse of the vibe and feel that occurred, and it will make sure you’ll be in attendance the next time we’re in town.

Go to http://4hitcombo.com/ to download the MP3 of this video mix.

New Mix Upload: DUBSTEP!!!

Image Hosting by imagefra.me

Recorded live during my online mixshow at http://www.sceedle.com 08/10/10. I tried to do something different for that show and decided to give Dubstep a try since i love listening to it and why not make a mix out of my small dubstep collection. The first time i heard this genre (props to DJ Red-I and his crew), i really enjoyed it and i thought its fun to mix it. Dubstep is not for everybody so don’t tell me i didn’t warn you LOL! You may ask me why. I would say why not?

Download it HERE

Video Mixing at Limbo Bar

Its really awesome to video-mix at Limbo bar. They got 2 huge projectors. Video-SL is the shi*t! Forget the other softwares and their bundled plastic toys aka controllers.

Taken by Eddie Ramer thru his Android phone.

And another one! Shot by Marco Viray using his Onyx.

DJ Aryan X Clavel Sneaker Magazine DVD Soundtrack

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Here are the 2 tracks that were featured in the Swimsuit Edition of Clavel Sneaker Magazine. I posted these tracks before but i made a different feel to it. Must LISTEN!!! Made in GarageBand using just the included instruments, samples and loops and did the scratches on Audacity using a scratch sample pack and DJ Kilmore’s samples on the Morning View album of Incubus.