Out of Scratch Presents: Cebu Sinulog 2012

Mad props to GEOFF GONZALES for making this documentary. Go to http://www.outofscratch.com for more of his works!


“In his first episode of 2012, Out of Scratch visits Cebu for the first time. Met some really dope Cebuanos, threw a party at CHILLAGE and went to the most celebrated festival here in the Philippines which is the Sinulog Festival. “

Video Mixing: Some of my recorded Live Online Mixshows at www.sceedle.com

I have been part of the SCEEDLE DJ Team since Feb this year. Its a Canada-based DJ mixshow website that features DJs from all over the world playing live everyday. They got DJs from the Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Philippines (im the only Pinoy member as i type) and a lot more. Here are some of my recorded shows. I know you guys wont really watch it coz its approximately 2 hours per set haha! But who knows when boredom attacks plus the urge to dance or rock out! Don’t forget to check out my show every Tuesday 4-6pm HK / 4-6am EDT with replays every Monday 12-2am HK / 12-2pm EDT.

New Mix Upload: DUBSTEP!!!

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Recorded live during my online mixshow at http://www.sceedle.com 08/10/10. I tried to do something different for that show and decided to give Dubstep a try since i love listening to it and why not make a mix out of my small dubstep collection. The first time i heard this genre (props to DJ Red-I and his crew), i really enjoyed it and i thought its fun to mix it. Dubstep is not for everybody so don’t tell me i didn’t warn you LOL! You may ask me why. I would say why not?

Download it HERE


On the cover of the new Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine issue is the very lovely Michelle Romero plus the Nike Lunar Woven Chukka. Featured on this issue are the FAR EAST MOVEMENT and DJ HAPA of SCRATCH DJ ACADEMY LA and REHAB PROJECTS. Music by Eman Garcia.


The BMORE Trip Mix

Here’s a mix of Bmore tracks made by real Bmore producers & DJs. Did this mix more than a year ago. 30 of my favorite Bmore cuts. You can download the full mix here:

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In case your not familiar with the genre (from wikipedia):

Baltimore club, also called “Bmore Club” or “Club Music” is a genre of house and dance music. A blend of hip hop and chopped, stacatto house music, it was created in Baltimore, Maryland in the early 1990s by pioneers Scottie B., Frank Ski, Big Tony, and DJ Spen.

Baltimore club is based on an 8/4 beat structure, and includes tempos around 130 beats per minute. It combines repetitive, looped vocal snippets similar to ghetto house and ghettotech. These samples are often culled from television shows such as Sanford and Son and SpongeBob SquarePants,[4], though can also be simple repeated calls and chants. The instrumental tracks include heavy breakbeats and call and response stanzas similar to those found in the go-go music of Washington, D.C.. More often than not, the breakbeats are pulled from two records: “Sing Sing” by disco band Gaz, and “Think (About It)” by Lyn Collins. Much like the rave-era sub-genre of techno music known as breakbeat hardcore, Baltimore club sounds as if the music was intentionally hurried, as each song is made with a limited palette of sounds and is based on similar frameworks.

www.sceedle.com — DJs playing live, streaming through the website for the whole world to hear!!

SCEEDLE is a Mixshow Website featuring DJ’s from all over the world! Listen and see them play LIVE! Check out my show every Tuesday 4-6pm MNL / 4-6am EDT and the replay every Tuesday 12mn-2am MNL / Monday 12nn-2pm EDT.

Here’s a sample of one my Sceedle shows